The paradoxes of rights of nature

Webinar series Framing Nature in Law: New European Pathways

On 2 February 2023 from 5 to 7p.m. (CET), online (via Zoom, link here) 

with a presentation by Dr. Mihnea Tănăsescu (UMons) and Prof. Serge Gutwirth (Vrije Universiteit Brussel)

They observe that granting rights to nature is an increasingly popular practice and argue that, even though only a decade ago it was a fringe movement, it has now become an almost dominant way of talking about environmental protection. At the crossroad of political and legal theory, convinced that law and politics do not exist without each other, they assess rights of nature through that double treatment. They set the historical stage and show that different strands of rights of nature have developed so far, in an uneasy relation between moral and legal considerations, in the midst of complex relations between different communities of practice, each operating with different concepts of nature and having different approaches to the concept of rights. They propose fresh thinking on how rights and nature cross legal and political practices in novel ways today. 

More information about the webinar and the following events are available here.

Organized by CEDRE & Prospero (USL-B, Belgium), with Institut Jean-Nicod (ENS), CRED and CRESA at the University Paris-II

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