International Interdisciplinary Symposium

« RESISTANCE IS IN THE AIR »Call for abstracts


o Deadline extension: 15.01.2019: Due to many requests for an extension of the deadline, the organisers have agreed to extend the deadline for submission to January 15th, 2019

Resistance is in the air. All over the world, awareness of air pollution as a serious matter of concern is growing. This is prominent in the rise of citizen groups claiming their right to clean air, the increasing number of newspaper articles on thesubject, and the growing mobilisation across broad ranges of society. At the same time, air pollution is also academically taken up more widely and consistently: an increasing amount of scholarship is looking into the issue from a wide variety ofdisciplines. Air quality policies are also at a turning point. The growing number of citizen science projects, living labs, crowd-sensing and other similar initiatives contributes to blurring the boundaries between “citizens” and “experts”. This shows the potential of dialogue and collaboration among different actors, but also represents a step towards transcending these categories and making place for promising new ways of thinking about research, action and citizenship. Overall, there is a sense of urgency, rooted in state-of-the-art knowledge about the risks of exposure, the apparent inadequacy of the current legal framework, policy and infrastructural solutions, and the -sometimes distorted- way information on air pollution is  collected and disseminated.

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